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Warwick Prayer Timetable
April 23, 2014

Prayer Fajr Zuhr Asr Asr 2 Maghrib Isha
Time 04:14 01:13 05:02 06:02 08:23 09:39
Jamaat 05:15 01:30 06:10 08:23 09:50

* 1st Jummah/Friday Prayer –  1:30PM
* 2nd Jummah/Friday Prayer –  unspecified
* (note this is unnofficial, subject to availability of people)

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About Warwick ISOC

The University of Warwick’s Islamic Society is a truly unique society. It’s a lifestyle. A beautiful blend of faith and harmony. Here at Warwick ISOC we aim to cultivate and nurture feelings of brotherhood and companionship amongst each other. We do this through organizing scrumptious dinners, arranging brothers’ football matches, creating sisters’ circles and, of course, hosting honorable guest speakers to enlighten our minds. The effect is a vivacious and spirited society that comes from our shared beliefs, and is consolidated by our goodwill for one another. Through the grace of Allah, we have created and fostered a society where everyone is welcome, everyone is heard and every member is treasured. Whether you are a Muslim, intrigued by Islam or merely looking for a sense of belonging, Warwick ISOC will be there for you.

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A lecture by Shaykh Esa Alexander Henderson - 29 April 2014!

Exam stress, dwindling determination phase or just seeking spiritual serenity?

Discover how you can enhance your brainpower, boost your consciousness, strengthen your focus in life and achieve true tranquillity of mind!

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